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Discover How To Become a #1 Best Selling Author (and so much more) During This Exclusive 5-Day Bootcamp  
-Limited spots available!

Even If You Don't Love Writing
Or Have Tons Of Time

Here's What You Get When You Join!

  • ​5 Days of Live Training, with your host Nim Stant and special guests. You will be blown away!
  • ​Access to our Private Community where we'll help you get prepared to write your book from page one with my simple, step-by-step format.
  • ​5 Step-By-Step PDF guides to help you turn your book into your six figure business
  • Learn the exact steps to get your book to the Amazon #1 Bestseller List.
  • Plus: A special bonus call with a top copywriter and book coach to help you get your message out effectively and with brand-building power.
  • ​Learn How to turn your book into a SIX FIGURE BUSINESS in 2021

The #1 Bootcamp For Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches And Experts!

Total Value: $1,492+

Join Today For Only $47!

TIME SENSITIVE: This 5-Day Live and highly Interactive Bootcamp will help you ACCELERATE how to write your book from page one and turn into the Bestseller WITHOUT having to spend a lot of time daily or become a writing expert.

We only have 50 spots open for this challenge so you can get the direct attention
and get your questions answered during the challenge! Don't miss out!!

Check Out What People Are Saying:

Since December 28, 2020, I have tripled my sales!
 Yesterday, I got on a call with someone I didn't even know who has been through my funnel. She had seen it because I just posted the #1 bestseller and five minutes after the call, she just clicked on my website and signed up for my program. So the credibility and the way it shows up in your work just made my work so much easier.

-Darlene Turriff
Intuitive Integrity Formula Author Coach Speaker

How does writing a book become greater than you could ever imagine...
in your business and your life and in your body and being, like, if anyone's out there going, should I do the program? I mean, I would say, just do it because there are a million things that are going to want to stop you because you're doing something vulnerable. And that's just how it happens. Like this is the time when you can have some hand-holding and actually have something that is not just a book. This is not a book. This is about something way bigger.

-Macy Matarazzo
Relationship Expert for Singles To get what matters the most LOVE!

And when Nim came to me with this idea of writing a chapter, she said, We're going to make this book a bestseller. And what do we get?
Five categories of best-sellers!!! Yesterday I got a lot of congratulations, and I'm just like, what's happening?? Whatever fear that's like holding you back, burn the boats. You should go with Nim, go all-in with Nim. And I can always see you guys with your books coming on in eight weeks.

-Isabella Bedoya
Founder at The Fame Hackers

I also had a bunch of nonprofits and cancer institutes and things, and I've actually already gotten the inquiries to come speak at an event. I know that this is just a launching pad for so much more.

-Susan Moser
Lawyer and Founder of Grow Into Greatness
I committed to something without asking why or when or how, I just committed.
 I created a piece without many parameters around it. It was just like, okay, I knew I needed to create it, and I knew it was safe. So I created a space for myself. Working with somebody who I knew would take care of me. I knew she would watch out for me and that I knew she would help me be basically successful. So that piece to me is to update that I was able to do it.

-Beth Nydick
Business & Publicity Strategist, Author, Speaker, Lifestyle Expert,

I thought I knew what I was doing when I published my first book about four years ago.
 It's totally different. It's a totally different game. I had no idea, and I tried to market it the way I was doing with the magazine. It didn't work out. And on top of that, I wasn't happy with what I had published when she presented the opportunity, I said Yes to Nim Stant right away, and for anyone else there that has any doubt, I'll tell you what. Having a book right now is not something you want to do, It’s something you need to do!!

-Viviana Puello
Business Expert/Coach/TV Host/CEO ArtTour International The Winner's Journey

  • Want to get your book out in front of more people? (From the comfort of your own home...)
  • Wonder how many people become the bestsellers and skyrocket their business? (And secretly wish it was you...)
  • ​Losing clients or not having consistent income?  Have to pivot your business due to the pandemic craziness, want new opportunities?
  • ​​Want a proven Step-By-Step System to write a book and become a celebrated best selling author? (The simple, easy and proven Nim way!)
  • ​Have the opportunity to be interviewed on TV to jumpstart your breakout growth!

Hi! I'm Nim Stant

Success Mentor, 2x Best Selling Author, CEO International Impact Book Awards, Founder of Go All In TV Brand seen on Youtube and abc15 in Phoenix.

And I am super pumped to invite you to join our five day Be The Bestseller Bootcamp!

Where attendees will discover how to write a book and become the #1 Bestselling Author that’ll position them as The Leading Expert in their field… in just five days.

And it's not necessary to be an influencer or household name. And you don't even have to have any "writing" experience.

In her Bestselling book, Go All In, Nim reveals the principles of Go All In to empower others to step up toward life changing results. She has been featured over 480 media outlets like CBS, abc, Fox, NBC, 3TV, International Business Times, Authority Magazine, Wall Street Select, NY Headline, LA Daily News, Success Profile Magazine, The Health Journal, Fitness Republic, and was interviewed by Kajabi.

Some of The Topics That We Will Cover...

  • Get ready to feel amazing with Nim's "Rockstar Strategies "

    Learn Nim Stant's unconventional 'Rockstar Strategies' that she uses to get all the credibility and authority for her brand and wow her audience.

  • ​Learn how to start writing your book from page one to become the Bestseller.

    Nim will show you very simple steps, very doable, and very quick ways you can plan your Bestseller's journey.

    It doesn't have to take the whole year and tons of time to write a book!

  • ​How to monetize the Bestseller brand and use this unfair advantage to sell more of your service, coaching program, and more.

    I will show you how I made my first 10K from selling my book which's only $29!

  • ​Make Your Brand Bigger by becoming your own publicist, be seen everywhere on every platform.

    I will show you how I created my own online TV show on YouTube and get to air on abc15 and even get people to pay to be on your show!
  • ​ Have pre-sold fans chasing you down, credit card in hand, wanting to work with you. This works and it keeps working and just gets bigger and better!

Only 50 Total Spots Are Available- Join Now!

Total Value: $1,492+

Join Today For Only $47!

Hurry! This Special Offer Ends Soon! Limited Spaces Available!

When You Join The "Be the Bestseller" Bootcamp You'll Get:

  • ​​Learn the exact steps to get your book to the Amazon #1 Bestseller List. (VALUE: PRICELESS)
  • ​Learn How to turn your book into Business in 2021. (VALUE: $497)
  • ​Plus: A special bonus call with a top copywriter and book coach to help you get your message out effectively and with brand-building power. (VALUE: PRICELESS)
  • ​​5 Days of Live Training, Starting April 26th. Mentoring by your host Nim Stant and special guests. You will be blown away! (VALUE: $798)
  • ​Access to our Private Community where we'll help you get prepared to write your book from page one with my simple, step-by-step format. (VALUE : PRICELESS)
  • ​5 Step-By-Step PDF guides to help you with your writing plan, mindset, messaging, story, clarity& confidence. (VALUE: $197)

Total Value: $1,492+

Join Today For Only $47!

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How Your Life May Be Transformed From
The "Be The Bestseller" Bootcamp

Now, more than ever, is the perfect chance to share your message and build your reputation to attract more leads and convert more sales by building trust, credibility and expert authority status.

Making a great impression is imperative to becoming an influential leader. It's your turn to WOW your audience and influences them!

Bestseller Brand gives your business identity beyond its product or service. It gives your audience something to relate to and connect with.

If you want to SELL YOUR PROGRAMS FOR MORE, sell them faster and easier than ever before.

 $10k+ months, month after month. No feast or famine anymore.
Then You Won't Want To Miss Out On This Bootcamp!!

Once You Register For The "Be The Bestseller" Bootcamp
You'll Get Access To:

  • Daily Live Trainings For 5 Days, Including Replays For Those Who Can't Attend
  • 5 Step-By-Step Downloadable PDF Guides
  • ​​Downloadable Transcriptions, Replays, Audios, and Slides
  • ​​​The Bestseller Road Map
  • Instant Access Into Our Private Online Community
  • ​​Bonus #1: Mindset Masterclass For Successful Authors
  • ​Bonus #2: How To Write a Book in 90 Days
  • ​​Bonus #3: Social Media & Action Plan to Promote your Book For 2021

Everything you get in this offer would normally retail over $1,492+

However, you can take advantage of this
Special Offer Today For Only $47!!

Total Value: $1,492+
Join Today For Only $47!

What Others Have To Say About The Be A Bestseller Bootcamp....

When Does The Bootcamp Start?

The next "Be The Bestseller" Bootcamp starts on Monday April 26, 2021.
When Will The Live Trainings Be?

The live trainings will be daily in the group at 12pm EST, for those who can't make it we will have replays available and also options to submit your questions the day prior so we can answer them live on the call the following day.

How Much Time Commitment Will This Require From Me?

Honestly, we designed this for the busiest entrepreneur's schedule in mind. We all know how hectic our lives are, and the goal of this isn't to burden you with pointless tasks. The daily trainings will be 45 mins long with 15 mins Q&A, and I love to over deliver so maybe even longer Q&A's ;)

On top of that, there will be daily homework assignments that shouldn't take you longer than 15 mins to complete.

What happens if I miss one of the trainings?

Don't worry! All of the links to the replays will be posted in the Private Facebook Community. And it will be available until April 26th Since this is a Bootcamp, we only leave the replays available for a short-period of time because we have found that is the best way to get people to go through everything and not have it be another course that people do and then never come back and finish.

Will you send emails to make sure I don't miss anything if I am not on Facebook that often?

Yes, we will be sending you everything you need to know via email as well as in the Facebook group.

What do I do if I have questions during the Trainings or through the BootCamp in General? 

If it is a private matter, you can email, and if it is a question that others can learn from, please ask it in the group and tag Nim or Christine!

Can you guarantee that I can be the BestSeller in 5 days?

We can not make any guarantees, however we can promise you that if you participate full out, you will have everything you need to be able to get your Book done and ready to Launch. It is up to you to take action and make it happen!

Who is this NOT for? 

It's not for those who are not ready to commit to take action, or doesn't want to write a book in the next 30 days.

When Does it Officially Start? 

The Facebook Group opens on April 26th and there is also a special "Pre-Party" on Sunday, April 25th. Then the 5-Day Bootcamp takes place Monday (April 26th) - Friday (April 30th) LIVE at 12pm EST each day. PLUS! There are two special BONUS calls on Saturday (May 1st) and Sunday (May 2nd)) at 2pm EST!

Will You Do This Bootcamp Again In The Future?

Honestly, I don't know. I decided to start this 5 day bootcamp after speaking with a lot of coaches over the last couple of weeks and finding out that this is their biggest challenge. I wanted to do something that would help coaches especially now that we are in a pandemic. The purpose of this bootcamp is to supercharge your results and kickstart 2021 on a strong note.
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